Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems Engineering Training

Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems Engineering Training
“The Electronic Warfare Threat Modeling and Simulation Training Course provides modeling and simulation of classic and new threat environment applied to Electronic Warfare (EW) foundation”.

Since 1993, TONEX has developed training courses in ISR, Microwave, Radar, EW, Tactical Data Link, Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, tactical lasers electrical systems and other innovative training programs.

This course designed for: Military professionals, Analysts, engineers, Electrical engineers, Project managers, EW technical professionals. Learn about Advanced DO-178C Training Workshop

  • Learn the basis of modern Electronic Warfare (EW) concepts, architecture and techniques.
  • Application of electronic warfare concepts to ground, airborne and naval surface warfare
  • Weapon systems to electronic warfare Functional and operational susceptibilities
  • Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering
  • EW threat environments – Compare and contrast new and classic Electronic Warfare (EW) threat environments

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