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It's Mini MBA !

Did you know ? For professionals who want to enhance their knowledge toward a more specialized focus, a mini-MBA is a great resource.

Mini-MBA programs also appeal to professionals in other fields who want to enhance their business competency while continuing in a specific role – an architect or lawyer looking to enhance their industry business knowledge for example.

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Our Mini MBA Courses: Featured

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  • Blockchain Mini MBA

    Length: 5 days

  • Cybersecurity Mini MBA

    Length: 5 days

  • Green Energy Mini MBA

    Length: 5 days

  • Telecom Mini MBA

    Length: 5 days

  • 5G Mini MBA

    Length: 5 days

Why Mini MBA ?

  • A miniMBA provides participants with an introductory insight into business at a reasonable price.
  • The increasingly popular mini-MBA is a fast-track version of the MBA – concentrating the content of a one or two-year degree program into around 40 hours of tuition.
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Mini MBA Benefits

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Mini MBA: Give Your Career a Touch

The mini-MBA can also be valuable for the professional considering enrolling in a full-time MBA program who want some exposure to the material first. Another kind of professional who finds a mini-MBA appealing are those who already have an MBA but want a refresher course or the chance to dive deeper into a specific subject.

Our Mini-MBA training programs offer professionals an opportunity to maintain their career trajectory with an efficient, focused injection of modern concepts, essential technology, leadership and strategy.